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We are proud of our employees and thankful to the GLC and our customers for making this honor possible.


At the end of another year, we would like to share some interesting things about the history of Lafayette Instrument and a couple of special anniversaries.

Lafayette Instrument Company was established in 1947 with one employee and an 8 x 10 foot shed for a workshop. That one employee was our founder, Max Wastl. Max was a German immigrant who studied Electrical Engineering at Purdue University.

The first catalog was printed in 1954, and a message on the front read, in part:
"We are always open to constructive criticism and suggestions from our customers. It is our aim to build instruments of high quality and at a reasonable cost."
-Max Wastl

Through Max's leadership and with this goal in mind, Lafayette Instrument quickly became the market leader in psychophysiological instrumentation for schools and university laboratories. As a result, sales growth required multiple expansions to accommodate new products and employees.

A smart and capable young man named Tom Smith joined the company in 1967, and he would later become the longest tenured employee in the company's history.

In 1972, expertise in physiological testing was used to produce Lafayette's first polygraph instrument. Since then, Lafayette Instrument has been the world's leading manufacturer of Polygraph instrumentation and equipment, having distributed more credibility assessment instruments to private examiners, government, and military organizations around the world than any other manufacturer.

Lafayette Instrument acquired Campden Instruments in the United Kingdom in 1998. Campden serves as a dedicated European office and has incorporated complementary products into the exisiting life sciences product line. Campden has continued to provide expertise in the growing neuroscience research markets.

September 2016 brought the honor of being named the "Greater Lafayette Commerce Small Business of the Month." Lafayette Instrument is thankful for the award and the recognition from the community.

During 2016-2017 alone, Lafayette Instrument supported customers from over 80 countries and every US state. The company is proud to celebrate this accomplishment and 70 years of operation in 2017.

Lafayette Instrument would also like to congratulate that young man, Tom Smith, who started in 1967 on his 50 YEAR ANNIVERSARY with the company; it is a remarkable accomplishment and a blessing. The company is proud of its history and looks forward to many more years of growth locally and around the world.



Lafayette Instrument Co. Announces Operational and Product Updates

New systems and products prepare LIC and customers for the future.

Lafayette, IN, December 30, 2015 - Lafayette Instrument Company (LIC) today announced equipment purchases made in 2015 to improve product quality and operational efficiency. These purchases include a 3D printer for making prototypes and small plastic parts, a flatbed UV LED printer to replace screen printing, and a Vapor Phase Soldering Oven to replace an older model.

The 3D printer allows LIC to prototype quickly and iterate on design ideas without waiting on materials or components from third party providers. The new UV LED printer allows greater speed, precision, and variety of printing. The finished product is also very durable. And finally, the new soldering oven is faster, more accurate, and it provides more even temperature distribution. All of the new equipment helps to ensure higher quality products while keeping the cost of manufacturing down. These investments show that while the company is nearly 69 years old, it is still an industry leader in terms of using the best and most current technology available.

Additionally, the company has undergone security updates, facility updates and reorganization to prepare for the new year, new customers, and new products as well as providing optimal support for existing customers and products.

In the first half of the year, Lafayette Instrument Company introduced Scurry Activity Monitoring Systems for Neuroscience and PI-DAS as a new credibility assessment tool in the Polygraph product line. In the second half of the year, LIC began making improvements to their various websites to make online ordering easier and the mobile experience better. This work will continue into the first half of 2016. New partnerships are also underway to develop custom product solutions, greater distribution of existing products and to bring new products to market in 2016.

The executive management team is very pleased to be able to reinvest in the great company in support of its mission to "Deliver robust and effective customer-driven instrumentation and software solutions to enable data collection and analysis."

For more information, contact: Jennifer Rider, President, at


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