Chambers and Components for Rats

Second Generation Bussey-Saksida Touch Screen Chamber for Rats

Model 80604A

The Second Generation Bussey Chambers with Intelli-interface supports up to 20 chambers on one PC. On the strength of 10 years of feedback and development, the system is even more flexible and with more features.

Easy-Install System for Touch Screen Systems

Model 80604A-20-41

The Easy-install was developed for the Bussey-Saksida Touch Screen Systems due to the large number of cables and connections that these systems require.

ABET 'Core' Intelli-Interface for Easy Multi-Chamber Control

Model 81430

ABET "Core" Intelli-interface is a smart interface which controls all aspects of your chambers including touchscreen and computer-generated audio.

ABET Cognition Software

Model 89515

From writing schedules to analyzing data, ABET Cognition gives you the powerful and flexible tools necessary to control a network of touch screen chamber systems.

Camera, filtered and focused for IR light

Model 80600-CAM

View animal performance in light or dark. Recommended for all Bussey-Saksida Chambers. Improve visability in 5/9 Hole and Modular Test Chambers.

Quad Processor/Video Splitter

Model 80600-QPV

Use with 80600-CAM to view four test chambers on a single screen. Monitor not included.

Quad Video Processor

Model 80600-QVI

Use with 80600-CAM to view four test chambers on a single screen. Monitor not included.

Controller PC - Touch Screen Chambers

Model 88530

A complete control PC with interface card and UPDD Drivers for up to four Bussey-Saksida Touch Chambers.

Whisker Multimedia

Model 80698-1

An operating system designed to control image presentation and touch screen input from multiple screens.

Two-choice Paired/Visual Discrimination Reversal (PD) for Rats

Model 89540A-R

Adapted for rats, this reversal learning task requires inhibition of prepotent responses and is known to be dependent on the prefrontal cortex.

Paired-Associate Learning Task (PAL) for Rats

Model 89541A-R

Adapted for rats, this is a hippocampal task. In humans, this task has proved to be highly effective for the early detection of Alzheimer's disease.

Visuomotor Conditional Learning (VMCL) for Rats

Model 89542A-R

Adapted for rats, this is a habit or stimulus-response task in which the rodent learns a conditional rule.

5-choice Serial Reaction Time Task (5CSRT) for Rats

Model 89543A-R

Adapted for rats, this task is sensitive to cortical manipulations, especially those involving prefrontal cortex, and is highly dependent on cholinergic transmission.

Autoshaping (Auto) for Rats

Model 89544A-R

Adapted for rats, this task measures a Pavlovian response to the screen. This is a very rapidly administered test of simple classical conditioning that is dependent on a reward system centered on the ventral striatum.

Trial-unique Nonmatching-to-Location Task (TUNL) for Rats

Model 89545A-R

Adapted for rats, this is a working memory task. TUNL is a delayed nonmatching-to-place task that prevents the mediating strategies associated with the equivalent lever task.

Location Discrimination (LD) for Rats

Model 89546A-R

Adapted for rats, this is a spatial memory task with a reversal learning component. It is sensitive to hippocampal lesions and associated with glutamate receptor regulation and signaling.

Extinction (EXT) for Rats

Model 89547A-R

Adapted for rats, this is a simple, but powerful, test of behavioral inhibition.

5-Choice Continuous Performance Test (5C-CPT) for Rats

Model 89548A-R

Adapted for rats, this go/no-go task measures both attentional and inhibitory systems within a single task paradigm, enabling the assessment of vigilance.

Progressive Ratio and Effort Related Choice Task (PR/ERC) for Rats

Model 89549A-R

Adapted for rats, this touch screen task has been shown equivalent to those performed with levers or nose-poke holes in measuring motivation and reward-related decision making.

4-Choice Gambling Task (4C-GT) for Rats

Model 89550A-R

Adapted for rats, this test is based on the Iowa Gambling Task, sensitive to serotonergic and dopaminergic agents.

Rodent Continuous Performance Task: Image (rCPT) for Rats

Model 89551A-R

Adapted for rats. In this Rodent CPT (Image) task, 5 different images are shown briefly, one at a time and in a random order. One of the images is designated the target stimulus. In order to obtain reward, the subject must touch the target stimulus and withhold from touching the non-target stimuli.

Delay Discounting Task (DD) for Rats

Model 89552A-R

Adapted for rats. As a measure of impulsivity, the Delay Discounting Task (DD) measures how long the rodent is prepared to wait for a larger reward.

Probabilistic Reversal Learning (PRL) for Rats

Model 89553A-R

Adapted for rats. Designed to measure sensitivity to valence feedback information, PRL is sensitive to serotonergic manipulations, suggesting this test may be used to study depression-relevant behavior.

ABET TTL Adapter/Breakout

Model 81510

The Adapter converts open collector outputs from Advantech PCI-1734 cards and ABET II Interfaces to TTL signals.

ABET II to Plexon DI/O Interface

Model 81511-1

This device connects Side B of 81500 Series ABET II Interface to the Plexon Digital Input Port A and to Digital Output Port.

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