Omnidirectional Rod

Model 80710


This adjustable rod is suspended from the ceiling of the test environment to orient the subject and initiate a test trial.


The omni-directional rod is designed to be mounted from the ceiling of the test kennel and will register a response when displaced in any direction by the head or body of the animal. This was designed for a 5 foot (1.52 meter) high ceiling with adjustable floor clearance of 30.5 - 10 inches (77.47 - 25.4 cm). This has been used as an orienting response for the CANTAB tests to initiate the start of each trial.


  • Adjustable rod extension: 25.5" - 50" (65 - 127 cm)
  • Six degree response displacement: 2.77" min - 4.96" max (7 - 12.6 cm)

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