CANTAB Pellet Dispenser, 190mg

Model 80209-190


Replacement 190mg Pellet Dispenser for Model 80950A CANTAB IntelliStation.


This Pellet Dispenser is included standard in the 80950A and 80950A*C CANTAB IntelliStations.  It may be ordered to replace an old dispenser or if one wants to add pellet reward to the 80951A CANTAB IntelliStation - Liquid.  When ordering a new system with both liquid and pellet reward, always start with the standard pellet unit and add the appropriate lick tube and pump for the species being tested.  Please contact us directly for assistance, if needed.

This 190 mg Pellet Dispenser includes a ceiling mount bracket, cable and din connector. It uses the latest design features to provide consistent and reliable pellet delivery.  It is supplied with a short length of tubing for easy connection to the reward area.

The dispenser has been designed and extensively tested for use with most popular 190 mg precision food pellets. The dispenser is supplied standard with the 190 mg disk.

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