30V DC Power Supply for 220V/50Hz Power

Model 83619*C


This unit is identical to 83619 except that it requires a line voltage of 220-230 V AC @ 50 Hz


This unit is provided for those countries with a line voltage of 220 - 230 V AC @ 50 AC. Country compatible plugs or adapters are provided whenever possible.

Multiple power supplies may be combined to increase the current capacity for multiple chamber operation from a single interface package. The number of supplies needed depends on the current needs of the chamber components and sound attenuating cubicle when present. Short circuit protection is provided by internal current fold-back circuitry.


Line Voltage: 220 V AC @ 50 Hz

Dimensions: 6" x 3" x 1.625" (15.24 x 7.62 x 4.13 cm)

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Model 83619

This 28 - 30 Volt 2 Amp DC power supply is recommended for 1 - 2 operant chambers.

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