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Model H2050-0024

Motor Monitor II Application Software


Order H2050-024 software for all the behavioral tests that use photo beam input to record an animals movements. This includes the Cage Rack frames, Open Fields, Elevated Plus Mazes, Large Animal Open Field, mouse forced swim tank, CCFC and Place Preference. The HBSC100 Behavioral System Core Interface package and all test stations are sold separately.

This software in conjunction with the HBSC100 replaces the HMM100 package. The software is now sold separately to facilitate support of a wider variety of products. Non photo beam test stations such as Startle, Active / Passive Avoidance and Tail Suspension require a separate software application, but no longer require an expensive duplicate interface.

Non similar test stations may be connected at the same time; however, only stations of the same configuration may be run at the same time. The base interface supports up to 8 stations while each expansion interface adds an additional eight.

The MotorMonitor ™ II application records animal activity through the dedicated microprocessor of the core interface using infrared photo beam technology for the input. Designed to meet GLP standards, the hardware and software combine to automatically run advanced diagnostics using an exclusive 4-level test before the start of each session. During a data collection session, as the subject moves it breaks photo beams on an X/Y grid. These beam breaks are recorded by the dedicated microprocessor located in the control chassis. The collected data is then transmitted via serial communication to the host PC. Additional photo beams can be used to record special events such as rearings and hole pokes.

During data collection, the system records the time, beam number and whether the beam was blocked or cleared. The system uses post session analysis schemes, i.e., no data analyzes are performed during runtime. This provides the opportunity to re-analyze data with different parameters. In other words you can reset all parameters (except the session length) and re-analyze the original data file(s) to acquire a new view of the data.

You have only one software package to learn even if you have multiple types of test stations. It has been designed to put data in your hands as quickly as possible. Default settings, templates, file storage, and user definable output files have all been designed with flexibility and keystroke reduction in mind. Detailed explanations for these features are provided, but basically only three steps are required:

  1. Fill in session information screen
  2. Run the data collection session
  3. Reduce the collected data for export


  • X and Y Ambulations
  • Fine Movement
  • Immobility
  • Event Time
  • Total Beam Breaks
  • Event Count for Rearing, Hole Pokes, etc. (Additional hardware required)


  • Distance Traveled
  • Total Time in Zone
  • Time at Rest
  • Entries into Zone
  • Pokes into Zone



Behavioral System Core Interface Image

Behavioral System Core Interface
Model HBSC100

This all purpose RS232 PC compatible interface supports a full range of up to 8 behavioral test stations.

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